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About Us

Located just an hour north of Los Angeles along Interstate 5, Tejon Ranch operates a full-service film department staffed by experienced professionals.

The largest private ranch in California, Tejon Ranch contains approximately 420 square miles of beautiful and diverse locations and backdrops.  The terrain includes rolling hills, mountain vistas, lone trees, private paved roads,  wide open spaces with no visible powerlines, and much more.

Tejon Ranch provides locations for productions large and small: major motion pictures and television programs, commercial productions—included multiple Super Bowl ads, music videos, still shoots (with some of the most famous names in fashion and portrait photography), corporate and industrial film, and student films.

The ranch’s paved roads include straight stretches surrounded by wide open space, mountain S curves, and tree lined segments; with approximately 13 miles behind locked gates. Tejon Ranch also offers two auto pads, cattle and horses, pastures, fields, large boulders, barns, oak trees, and white ranch fencing.  Streams and wildflowers are seasonally available.

Call (661) 663-4284.